About Us

Our Focus

Scott A. Lucas is dedicated to getting the hard-working people who make business happen the compensation they are owed, and to vindicating their rights if they have been the victims of unlawful discrimination at work.

Employees who work hard deserve to be paid what they are owed.  And they should never be unlawfully harassed and discriminated against because they are pregnant, or because of age, gender, race, or disability. If your employer has failed to pay what you are owed, or has harassed you and discriminated against you because you are pregnant, or because of your age, gender, race, or disability, we may be able to help.

Background Information

The Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas has been open for over 20 years helping individuals protect and enforce their rights.

Combining “old world” client care, the latest research, and innovative case management methods, Scott A. Lucas and his associates provide a wronged employee with a path toward walking tall and getting what he or she deserves — right from the moment we accept the case.

How the Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas Select Cases

We are firmly dedicated to getting our clients what they deserve.  The law in this area is complex and evolving. Some seemingly strong claims are less likely to prevail, and just as many less obvious matters can be resolved with great results. We choose cases and clients carefully, and always with their success in mind.