$2.6 Million Verdict: Brown v. Suggs

The Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas represented the plaintiff in a trial that
produced one of the highest abuse of process awards ($2.6 million) in New
York State history.

The case, Brown v. Suggs, involved a 7½ year litigation against Willie
Kathryn Suggs, a well-known Harlem real estate broker. After an 8-day trial
in November 2007, the jury found Willie Kathryn Suggs liable for unpaid
commissions and abuse of process, and awarded the plaintiff compensatory
damages of $2,620,500. The jury also imposed punitive damages against
Willie Kathryn Suggs in an amount to be set at a later date.

“…awarded the plaintiff compensatory
damages of $2,620,500.”

Following the trial, the Court denied the defendant’s request to vacate the
jury’s verdict, but it did grant a request to modify the amount of the verdict.
The case was later settled.

The case was the subject of a New York Times story, and has generated
considerable interest throughout the Harlem real estate community.